‘Plan B’ perform to a packed Ardross Hall in spite of howling storm

26 January 2016

Juliette Lowe, Promoter for the Entertainments Committee at Ardross Hall recounts in a feature for The Touring Network:

“On Friday 29th January 2016 we had the Dance company Plan B with “And Now” booked for late January, I was worried about the event as the previous time we had booked them we had a very poor audience and made a big loss. As the date neared I got more anxious as the night of their performance was the same night as “Storm Gertrude”, who was going to come with howling wind and lashing rain! On the night people poured into the hall in their droves, we had limited seating as the dance company needed much of the floor space for their dance production, we had to squeeze people in up the sides of the hall and on the floor just next to the dancing, we got to the point that Frank McConnell of Plan B said we simply could not get anybody else in, but we could not turn people away on such a dreadful night. It was a fabulous show and much enjoyed by everyone.”

This Epic Stage Story was recounted as part of an ongoing series on The Touring Network website.  You can read it in full here